Give Back

Sponsor one of The General’s Kids—We are proud to offer parents the opportunity to sign their children up to be sponsored by an individual, school class, organization or family. The children registered are living in military hospitals, such as Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and others, for extended periods that can last up to 2 full years. As a sponsor you will get the chance to send personal letters and care packages as reminders that the sacrifices these warrior kids make don’t go unnoticed.

Send Blankets—Whether it comes to a newborn or a teenager, a new blanket can bring comfort when your suddenly relocated because of traumatic circumstances. We accept only new (never been used) blankets, but these can be store bought or handmade. 

Donate—Money donated to The General’s Kids will go towards by buying baby supplies for new parents, toys for young children, and gadgets for teenagers to help them stay connected with their friends and loved ones waiting at home. In the future as funds become available we want to provide fun day trips that appeal to the age groups present at these hospitals, provide financial assistance for things such as hobby lessons and sports association fees, and eventually be able to give warrior families vacations that are cost free to them.

Spread the Word—We are brand new to the world as an organization and we appreciate anyone who wants to help us promote The General’s Kids. Please contact us if you would like to write an article for print or social media,