Is The General’s Kids a non-profit? 

We are currently in the process of applying for our 501.c.3 tax exempt status. This is a lengthy process but we will update the site with our proof of tax exemption as soon as possible.

What costs do the donations cover?

Start up costs of The General's Kids have been paid for by the Goodrich Family and do not need to be reimbursed. Currently we do not have any paid employees so all donations go straight to helping Wounded Warrior Kids. This can be in the form of toys, financial assistance, merchandise, or events. The goal at The General's Kids is to be able to offer as much hope and help as possible to our nation's Little Warriors.

Who is eligible?

Children of Wounded Warriors who are currently living in military hospitals (such as Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and others) are eligible for Sponsorship, Pen-Pals, and Financial Assistance. Those who have a parent who is severely wounded and receiving remote care or medically separated from the military also qualify for Sponsorship, Pen-Pals, and Financial Assistance. All Wounded Warrior Kids are eligible, and encouraged to participate in the Pen-Pals program. Even if their parent has returned to duty it can still be beneficial to connect with others who have experienced the emotions that comes with finding out a parent was injured. 

How does sponsorship work?

Sponsorships are connected partly on a first-come-first-served basis. But we also will try to make optimal pairing. If a 7th Grade school class would like to sponsor a child it would be beneficial to both parties to pair them with a Little Warrior around that age. Once the child is registered we will not be giving out their personal contact information unless the parents have given permission. The General's Kids will accept the mailed cards and packages on behalf of the Sponsored Child and simply put a new address label on it to send it on its way. We are the only ones who will have either party's address unless the parents involved decide to give out this information. Security and privacy will always be respected. If a Sponsor fails to send at least 1 card and 1 care package a month, the child will be reassigned to someone who will meet this standard. And we encourage the Wounded Warrior Family to reach out and send a Thank You to your sponsors whenever possible. We are happy to facilitate this or connect both parties through email. 

How can I show appreciation to a wounded warrior family?

We have a full list here of ways you can give back. Each of these things can play an important role in the emotional healing and morale of a Little Warrior. 

When will financial assistance be available?

Financial assistance will be available as we receive funding. This is just the starting line for us and we look forward to being able to provide some necessities and "fun extras" for these deserving kids. We will make an announcement when the funding is at a point where we are able to offer financial assistance on a very regular basis. In the meantime if you are a Wounded Warrior Family and are in need please feel free to email us and we'll be able to see what is available. 

For any other questions that haven't been covered please email Jacqueline@thegeneralskids.org