Kid to Kid

Everyone, I would like you to meet two amazing girls. 

This summer Isabelle had a birthday and turned 6 years old. For her party she asked all of her friends to bring gift cards to donate to Little Warriors here at The General's Kids instead of receiving birthday presents herself. She ended up raising hundreds of dollars in gift cards that wounded warrior kids will be able to use for a fun break from the hospital. What a caring heart, Isabelle! We are so proud of you and thankful for this incredible gift you are giving these children.

This Little Warrior is 7 year old Megan. She and her family were so moved by a simple gesture...she gets to go to Toys R Us and buy something special!. At the end of a rough week its little things like this that can turn it all around just by knowing someone out there cares for your family and children. It was so fun to surprise Megan with this treat, thanks to Isabelle's kindness. Megan even colored a Thank You card for her!

Thank YOU, Megan, for being a terrific Little Warrior
 and helping your family as they
sacrifice so much for our freedom.